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Internship opportunity KAS Office Skopje

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Konrad Adenauer Foundation office in Republic of North Macedonia offers interested students the opportunity to get to know the international work of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation on site and the possibility to work on our projects during an internship. You should have an understanding of and show particular interest in political contexts. Specific knowledge of Macedonian politics, society and economy is an advantage. Interns should have a strong interest in living in a foreign country and good knowledge of Macedonian and/or Albanian language. Due to the work in a small team, interns should be team-oriented and highly committed, which includes, for example, participation in evening and weekend events of KAS and its partner organizations.

Please send your application (letter of motivation, CV, relevant references) as ONE .pdf file to


Who are we?

Freedom, justice and solidarity are the basic principles underlying the work of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS). The KAS is a political foundation, closely associated with the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU). As co-founder of the CDU and the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967) united Christian-social, conservative and liberal traditions. His name is synonymous with the democratic reconstruction of Germany, the firm alignment of foreign policy with the trans-Atlantic community of values, the vision of a unified Europe and an orientation towards the social market economy. His intellectual heritage continues to serve both as our aim as well as our obligation today. KAS has been working in North Macedonia since 01 July 2000, striving to support the country in strengthening democracy, the rule of law and promoting interethnic and interreligious dialogue as well as freedom of media. All projects are conceived and implemented in close cooperation with the partner organizations and state institutions.


What do we offer?

During your internship with us, you will gain exciting insights into the work of an international political organization in various fields. We highly value independent engagement in a committed and small team.

  • In North Macedonia, KAS works on a variety of topics ranging from political dialogue, civic education, Euro-Atlantic integrations, interreligious dialogue and freedom of media.
  • Learn more about planning and implementation of projects
  • Gain exciting insights into the preparation and organization of events
  • Help us with background research and analysis as well as learn to write reports on current topics
  • Support us in press relations in a dynamic media environment
  • Learn more about working with social media

After completion of the internship stay, successful applicants will receive an internship certificate.


What are your qualifications?

  • Ideally, your field of study fits to our main areas of work in North Macedonia
  • Our working languages in the office are German and English. You should be able to speak them on a conversational level. Knowledge of Macedonian and/or Albanian language is necessary for performing work duties.
  • You should already be advanced in your studies (at least 2nd semester of undergraduate studies)
  • You have good knowledge of common office applications and can work with computers
  • You have a pronounced willingness to learn and are also willing to engage in topics that are new to you
  • Previous work experience is a plus, but not an exclusion criterion
  • With our internship program you will be with us for at least three months, possibly longer.
  • Applications are accepted throughout the whole year.


When is the next slot available?

Applications can currently be made for internships starting in 2024.

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Daniel Braun

Daniel Braun

Head of Office in North Macedonia and Kosovo +389 (2) 3217075 +389 (2) 3217076