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NajGLASni! - annual award for high school participation

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Association Leaders for Education, Activism and Development with the support of the Union of High School Students, as active supporters and promoters of student participation over the past years, are second year in a row giving the award for high school participation, in recognition of the activity and work of these student bodies aimed at improving the position of students in their schools, as well as their involvement in the school processes.

The award for high school participation will be presented annually to student communities that demonstrate active engagement and commitment to promoting school democracy. Through the award for high school participation, we want to give our incentive and contribution to the high school participation in our country, but also to recognize, reward and support the positive examples in the performance of high school students.

najGLASni! is an annual award for high school participation that is awarded to the student community that has contributed the most to student participation in their school.

This means that students:

  • Democratically elect their representatives without the influence of teachers;
  • Students independently organize, plan and implement the annual program;
  • The student community properly documents its work through minutes and photos;
  • Students discuss important issues, submit proposals to the school management and fight for them to be accepted;
  • Students are consulted by the school management on important issues of their interest;
  • Students independently plan and implement extracurricular activities;


Why the award najGLASni?

Democracy, democratic values ​​and awareness of civic engagement are practiced from a young age. High schools and student communities are an excellent opportunity to build young people who are aware, informed and have the confidence to propose solutions and feel included.

Unfortunately, the situation with high school students and their participation is completely reversed. According to the latest research by the Youth Education Forum, 1 out of 3 high school students believe that they cannot change anything in their communities. More than half of high school students keep their opinions to themselves during class. 86.1% of high school students believe that they did not have subjects that would inform them about important social topics and developments. According to the latest survey by LEAD and KAS, 22% of teachers influenced the choice of student representatives.

With the award for the loudest! we want to make our contribution to increased democratization in schools and to present successful examples and practices of involvement in decision-making in secondary schools.

Previous Loudest Award winners:

Academic year 2021/2022

• Student community of SUGS "Orce Nikolov"-Skopje

• Student community of OSU "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Ohrid

• Student community of "Kosta Susinov" Secondary School - Radovish

The award for student participation NajGLASni! is awarded by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, LEAD and the Union of Secondary School Students of the Republic of North Macedonia. It is intended for student communities that, during one school year, contribute to the participation of students in making decisions in their schools.


The application must be completed in full and in detail together with the accompanying documents required in it. It must be completed by the student(s) and the supervising teacher, who are part of the management of the high school student community within the school. The application deadline is 23 April 2023.

Within this call, 6 high school communities will be selected, which, in the past period, contributed to the high school participation in their schools with their activities, and which have a plan and vision for the period to come. They will take part at the seminar organized in Veles 09.-11. May 2023.

Contestants can apply for the award electronically by filling out the application at the following links: (Macedonian Version)  (Albanian Version)


The awarded school community will receive a certificate of recognition, a plaque and a banner with the award, as well as the logo and name of their student community. The student community, in addition to the recognition, will receive financial support in the amount of 30,000 MKD for the realisation of an activity within their school by the end of the year 2023. In addition, they will receive guidance and mentoring from the LEAD, the KAS and the Union of High School Students of the Republic of North Macedonia (SSRSM) on how to improve their work and how to implement the imagined activity/initiative.


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