An opportunity or an obstacle in the education?

As digital technology evolves, the gaming industry grows, and young people are increasingly using it, it is important to foster discussion about whether these trends represent an obstacle or can be used as an opportunity for the growth and development of young people.



The Konrad Adenauer Foundation and LEAD would like to announce the conference "Gamification: Opportunity or Obstacle in Education", which aims to stimulate discussion about the impact and role of games in the education of young people, as well as about the opportunities offered by this industry for the education of young people within the formal and informal education. In addition, during the conference, a tournament will be organized to play the first online board game for political education "Izborologija".  

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The conference is a one-day event that will be held on 17 November 2022, starting at 1:30 p.m. in the conference hall of the "Public Room" in Skopje. Attendance at the event is open to all young people, school teachers, educators, civil society organizations, and all fans of the topics covered by the event, with free participation.

The conference program is divided into four parts:


13.30 – 15.00 Panel Discussion: The Influence and Role of Games in Youth Education

The panel discussion will comprise speakers from various fields related to the conference theme, including a university professor, a psychologist, a student, an institution representative, and a company representative. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a discussion about the impact and role of games in the education of young people.


15.15 – 16.45 Educational Workshops

In order for those present at the conference to acquire or advance their knowledge of the subject, workshops will be organized for the development of educational games, and the use of games in youth education within formal and informal education. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose which workshop they want to attend.


17.00 – 17.45 Educational Games Fair

In this part, existing games that have an educational character and can be used for educating young people will be presented at the conference. The fair will be organized in a more informal setting, and the attendees will have the opportunity to visit and talk with the creators of the games.


17.45 – 20.00 Tournament in Playing the First Online Board Game for Political Education "Izborologija"

In the last part of the conference, a tournament will be held in playing the educational game "Izborologija". After competing with other players, one of the attendees will be awarded as the most successful player in the tournament. In order to have an insight into the number of players interested in the tournament, please register your participation with the registration form available at the following link:

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