The Palestinian Business Law Guide: a practical tool for investing in the Palestinian Territories

Ein praktisches Hilfsmittel zum Investieren in die palästinensischen Autonomiegebiete

In recent years the economic growth in the Palestinian Territories has become a fertile ground for investors. Newcomers to the market are however in real need of comprehensive and up-to-date information to launch their business effectively. The Palestinian Business Law Guide aims to lead potential investors into the new business and regulatory environment in the Palestinian Territories, enabling local and foreign entrepreneurs to optimise opportunities in the market.

Results of latest Israeli-Palestinian opinion poll

Majority of Palestinians and Israelis prefer two-state solution over binational state or confederation

A majority of Israelis and Palestinians prefer a two-state solution as the most acceptable resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, as opposed to a single binational state or a Palestinian-Israeli confederation.

Ruprecht Polenz visits Palestinian Autonomous Territories

Ruprecht Polenz, chairman of the foreign committee of the German Bundestag visited the Palestinian Autonomous Territories during his stay in the region

Hope Ltd.

A Joint Project of German, Palestinian and Israeli Young Journalists

The English magazine titled Hope Ltd. – A Joint Project of German, Palestinian and Israeli Young Journalists” documents the experiences of the ambitious young journalists while participating in the nine-day-long workshop. The workshop has been organized by KAS Ramallah and the KAS “Young Journalists Program” (JONA) with the support of KAS Israel and has been funded in the framework of a cooperation project with the German Development Service (DED)/Civil Peace Service.

Joint Israeli-Palestinian Poll, December 2009

In Israel: A slim majority (52%) believes Israel should pay almost any price to return prisoners of war.In the PA: If released from jail, Marwan Barghouti would beat Ismail Haniyeh for Presidency by a large margin.

Key Data in Comparison

Socioeconomic data of the West Bank and Gaza in comparison to Jordan and Israel.

Joint Israeli Palestinian Poll, August 2009

Israelis are more apprehensive and Palestinians somewhat more favorable about US involvement in the Peace Process compared to their expectations last December after Obama’s election

Discussion on “The Role of Youth in the Community Mobilization”

The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH) in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung called on the civil society to participate in a discussion on the role of the youth in the community mobilization. Mr. Felix Dane, new head of KAS Ramallah, welcomed the audience by stressing the importance of the youth for political developments. He expressed his joy about the high number of young people participating in this event.

Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No (33)

While the popularity of Abbas and Fateh increases and the popularity of Ismail Haniyeh and Hamas decreases, and while perception of personal and family security and safety increases and perception of corruption in PA institutions decreases, the public remains pessimistic about the future of reconciliation and shows total lack of confidence in the ability of elections to restore the unity of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Joint Israeli-Palestinian Poll, June 2009

Pessimism among Israelis and Palestinians regarding the prospects for a settlement and a Palestinian state in the next few years, but majorities on both sides support a two-state solution.