Event Reports

KAS Palestinian Territories and Dr. Hussein Al-A’raj, the Minister of Local Affairs


The Minister of local affairs, Dr. Hussein Al-A’raj, welcomed the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung to discuss the upcoming local elections on 23 May 2016.

Marc Frings introduced the work KAS is doing since 20 years in serving the Palestinian communities. He emphasized the close partnership with the Institute for Community Partnership (ICP) at the Bethlehem University through a Diploma Program in Public Administration. The Minister expressed interest in this project and thanked the KAS for its commitment in this field.

Dr. Al-A’raj confirmed that local elections would take place in October. According to the Minister, the Palestinian Authority will announce this decision in the upcoming weeks. He hopes that elections will be held in all parts of the Palestinian Territories. For the remaining months before elections will be held, the municipality councils shall act as “acting councils” in order to avoid limitations for the newly elected local representatives. The local election law is not going to be reviewed or reformed.

The PA is currently conducting an evaluation of the performance of local councils. The government is furthermore developing a new local development plan. The new goals are to support youth, sport and to develop better services for people with special needs. The vision is to create greater equity and equality.

Marc Frings and Dr. Hussein Al-A’raj, Minister of Local Affairs Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Ramallah