Event Reports

Third visit of the Vocational Training School Opladen in Ramallah

The Vocational Training School Opladen visited the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) in Ramallah for the third time

The first highlight for the group was the visit of a girl’s school in the refugee camp Jalazoon. After being greeted by the teachers, the participants got the opportunity to follow a school lesson. Because the school celebrated the cultural heritage, some students wore traditional Palestinian dresses and during class, small pincushion and chains were crafted. The group of visitors - and the two companions of KAS Ramallah - were allowed to participate in the handicraft work. Through discussion with the Palestinian students, the group learned a lot about their daily lives. The participants discovered how depressing the life of Palestinians can be.

After a city tour through Ramallah, the students heard about the official Palestinian position regarding the negotiations with Israel. The interest in the presentation of the Negotiations Support Unit (NSU) was especially palpable in the subsequent question and answer session.

In the offices of the KAS Ramallah further questions on the work of the KAS territories and the general political and social situation were answered. After this eventful and informative day, the group returned to Jerusalem.

Vocational Training School Opladen in the Secondary Girl´s School in Jalazoon Jörg Knocha