Event Reports

A Water-Energy Nexus for the Middle East

A new approach to overcome the impasse in the Middle East

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung invited in the framework of a Study and Dialogue Program comprising Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian participants to a brunch discussion in the KAS Academy in Berlin. The delegation introduced the findings of a pre-feasibility study that analyzed the prospect of a large scale regional exchange of desalinated water from the Mediterranean coast with renewable energies from the deserts of Jordan.

EcoPeace Co-Director Nada Majdalani highlighted in her presentation the potential security risks for the whole region that could result from its growing demand for energy and water. Thinking about regional cooperation in these crucial fields is therefore not only a game of thoughts, but should be understood as an integral part of the national self interest of all countries in the region. A regional Water-Energy Nexus would offer an economically sound response to these security risks and at the same time create additional opportunities and incentives for regional cooperation.

EcoPeace Co-Director Gidon Bromberg concluded the insightful discussion by extending his gratitude to KAS for its continuous support for an out-of-the-box project that leaves longstanding tensions aside in favor of an ambitious step towards cooperation: "we are grateful to the KAS and to your leadership to bring this change to the ground to Berlin but more importantly to our people in the region."


Marc Frings

WEN Delegation