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NAZAHA, The Palestinian Academy for Integrity establishes a training program for more integrity

by Abeer Z.
In 2019, NAZAHA, the Palestinian Academy for Integrity has achieved the main objective for this project; NAZAHA has completed a long-term building capacity training in the field of integrity. This training was designed to build knowledge to a special expert trainers in the filled of integrity

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Through this project, NAZAHA aimed at developing a generation of Palestinian expert trainers and develop measurable methods and tools, within our Palestinian reality, to employ in the general practices undertaken by decision-makers at various levels. The five month’s training program was held from March to July 2019, 15 trainers was trained on issues related to integrity and reserving of public money. Those trainers will be experts in the field of integrity. They will be also ready to train relevant staff in different sectors.

In addition to the training program, NAZAHA also developed the knowledge-building of an Integrity Manual. In specific, they delivered the knowledge-building of an Integrity Manual on how to prevent corruption in Palestinian public institutions and how to reduce its existence through the models and mechanisms developed in this manual. 

A number of activities have already been executed within the three strategic objectives. The success of these activities indicates the strength of the planning that has been put in place for the success of the work of the Academy. As a conclusion:

- Capacity building of trainers in the field of integrity

- Expert trainers of integrity issues are capable to train with any sector 

- Providing training services by our expert team to different kinds of institutions

- Ongoing programs of specific issues on integrity


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