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The Legal and Technical Aspects of the Presidential Decree regarding Cybercrime

legal encounter

“Issuing Laws by Decrees is a lost opportunity to discuss these drafts by elected Parliamentarians”. Marc Frings, Resident Representative KAS Palestinian Territories.
Legal Encounter, Birzeit University
Legal Encounter, Birzeit University

ln our lates Legal Encounter, a lively and prolonged discussion about the Palestinian Cybercrime Law (16) - 2017 took place among the distinguished audience. Marc Frings, resident representative of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Palestinian Territories, opened the event with the remark that “issuing laws by decrees is a lost opportunity to discuss these drafts by elected Parliamentarians.” During the Legal Encounter, Ahmad Hamo gave an overview of the technical terms and references of the law, with special attention to #cyberforensics, the collection, examination, and preservation of evidence of computer crimes. Dr. Mustafa Abdelbaqi analyzed the contradiction between the Cybercrime Law and the #PalestinianBasicLaw as well as with the general criminal law and the criminal procedure code. Both speaker referred to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime as the only binding #Internationalinstrument that serves as the guideline to guard Human Rights for any country that is developing comprehensive national legislation against cybercrime..