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Maghreb-Sahel Dialogue

The Dynamics of Migration in the Maghreb-Sahel Region: new tendencies, new challenges and regional responses

KAS PolDiMed and the Regional Program for the Sahel of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung are organizing a conference on the ''Migration Dynamics in the Maghreb-Sahel region", on 22-23 June, in Rabat. This conference will bring together leading experts and practitioners to discuss, essentially, the recent trends in irregular migration and evaluate the migration policies in the Maghreb-Sahel countries along with their cooperation on migration-related issues with the EU.

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N. 24 Angle Av. Abdelkrim Benjelloun et Rue Mly. Yaacoub, B.P. 559 Hassan-Rabat,
10010 Rabat
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Adel Ourabah

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