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Urban Innovations for Sustainability

Expert workshop Asia-Pacific

Together with local partner Business Environment Council (BEC), KAS RECAP organized an expert workshop on Urban Innovations for Sustainability on April 17 and 18, 2023. The workshop took place in Hong Kong and brought together urbanisation and sustainability experts from the wider Asia-Pacific region and Germany.

The Latest Development of Environmental Law in the Asia-Pacific

Alumni Meeting of CUHK’s KAS RECAP Scholarship Holders

The first KAS RECAP scholarship holders' meeting took place in Hong Kong.

ESG and Law

Webinar with CUHK

On 30 March, KAS RECAP and CUHK’s law faculty have jointly hosted a webinar to have a discussion on the latest development of ESG in the legal context in the Asia-Pacific. This was the fourth event of the carbon neutrality dialogue series.

Youth Energy Academy 2022

Capacity Building Programme in South and Southeast Asia

With the support of KAS RECAP, the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and Pacific at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and the Sustainable Youth Energy Network (SYEN) organised the fourth Youth Energy Academy that took place in Thailand between 10 and 16 October 2022.


Strong Cities 2030: Conference 2022

Circular economy and decarbonization in the transport and building sector

KAS brought together experts from 12 different countries from the global Strong Cities 2030 network in Singapore to enable a dialogue on circular economy and decarbonization in the transport and building sector between people with perspectives from different regions.

Climate Change Summer School 2022

Capacity Building Training Programme in South Asia

With the support of KAS RECAP, the Consortium of South Asian Think Tanks (COSATT) and National College, Kathmandu University organised the first International Summer School on Climate Change that took place in Kathmandu, Nepal between 11 and 17 September 2022.

Emerging Role of Blue Finance in the Asia Pacific Region


The focus of the workshop was to deliberate on the mobilization of the market for generating blue finance opportunities and the kind of reforms that are needed for the augmentation especially in the post COVID world.

Prospective Political Frameworks for Decarbonisation in 2030

Foresight Workshops' Results - Politics of Decarbonisation in Asia‑Pacific

In September 2021, KAS RECAP hosted a series of online closed workshops to explore political issues associated with decarbonisation in Asia‑Pacific. Under the guidance of professional facilitators, participants from public institutions, private sector, NGOs and academia from Asia and Europe have developed a set of futures scenarios for various thematic topics around decarbonisation applying foresight methods. For each topic, four futures scenarios were developed and explored in relation to environmental, social and governance factors along with the identification of key trends and emerging issues.

Perception of the Planned EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism in Asia-Pacific

Presentation of Survey Results

Although global climate action is growing, under the current unconditional commitments made by Parties to the Paris Agreement, global temperatures are predicted to rise by more than 3°C by 2100, far above the goal of 1.5°C. To address climate change and carbon leakage, the European Union plans to introduce a carbon border adjustment mechanism (EU CBAM) that will ensure that the price of imports reflects more accurately the carbon content of the goods. Against this backdrop, KAS RECAP and GlobeScan hosted a public webinar to launch the survey results on the perception of the planned EU CBAM in Asia-Pacific on 6 May 2021.

Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia: A Collective Approach from South and Southeast Asia

Hybrid Launch of Research Publication

This hybrid publication launch presented the finding of the publication ‘Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia: A Collective Approach from South and Southeast Asia’.

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