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Improving Data Transparency in Buildings Energy Performance

How can Hong Kong tap into the building sector's potential for energy efficiency? The report highlights the benefits of data transparency related to building energy performance, discusses existing barriers, and proposes a data reporting, analysis, disclosure and benchmarking system for future implementation.

Supported by KAS RECAP, the Business Environment Council, a Hong Kong-based environmental NGO, launched an assessment of the energy efficiency potential in the building sector and provided key recommendations for futher discussions. The report does not recommend a definitive pathway for implementation. Rather, with the proposed building energy performance data framework, the analysis has identified critical points where key stakeholders have yet to reach a consensus, and suggested alternative routes to overcome those challenges, each with its own merits and demerits, for further discussion.

Looking forward, data transparency and energy performance benchmarking will be a crucial enabler to further improve energy efficiency and decarbonise the building sector in Hong Kong: by informing public policy, incentivising private investment in energy-saving design and technology, and driving behavioural change among building users.

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Dr. Christian Hübner


Head of the Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific +852 28822245