The Role of Asian Cities in Global Climate Diplomacy

Luncheon Symposium

This luncheon seminar organized by KAS and the Environmental Management Association, the main results of a KAS/RECAP funded research on climate change governance of Singapore and HK and its role in global climate change governance will be debated.


Singapore and Hong Kong – iconic cities in Asia – are also important members of transnational urban networks on climate change.

During our luncheon discussion we will present major findings of a pioneering study on the role of Hong Kong and Singapore in these global networks.

More specifically, the study investigates how far these two cities, ‘act globally’ through transnational networks.

The discussion will also present best practises in climate mitigation and adaption.

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Hong Kong


  • Dr. Maria Francesch-Huidobro
    • Fellow of the Center of Urban Studies and Urban Planning (CUSUP)
    • The University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Peter Hefele
    • Director of KAS RECAP


Asian Cities in Transnational Networks on Climate Change: Act Global, Think Urban: Hong Kong & Singapore
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Dr. Peter Hefele

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