Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit on the Environment

High-ranking Meeting of environmental officials and experts from Asia-Pacific

UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) bring environment experts from all over Asia together to elaborate and initiate a deeper cooperation. This event is supported by KAS RECAP.


The countries in Asia and the Pacific are very diverse in their natural environment and climatic conditions. Yet, they face similar threats and challenges arising from climate change and resource scarcity. Causes and impacts of global warming and environmental degradation in the whole region are intertwined and can only be tackled by coordinated action of all countries. Whilst initiatives by the local people and other bottom-up approaches are important and often feasible, there is urgent need for coordination on the high political level as well.

Two entities of the UN, namely the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and the Environment Programme (UNEP) jointly organise this summit which allows an intense exchange of experiences and ideas between ministries, other environmental agencies and non-governmental actors. The Ministerial Summit will focus on addressing the linkages between resource efficiency and pollution reduction in Asia and the Pacific, under the topic ‘Towards a resource efficient and pollution free Asia-Pacific’.

The summit is preceded by the one-day Civil Society Organisations Forum on the Environment. This side-event provides an opportunity for non-governmental institutions to get in contact with the government authorities and express their concerns about environment and climate issues. RECAP is co-sponsoring the Forum and will present the European climate politics agenda.

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Bangkok, Thailand


Bridging Civil Society and Government Policies: Civil Society Forum on the Environment at Asia-Pacific Ministerial Summit on the Environment 2017
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