The KAS hosts this year an event for their Alumni. We spend a full day with our Alumni starting at OR Tambo to learn more about Lufthansa's A 380. The event will end with a dinner with Pieter Cronje (Communicationexpert) as guest speaker.


Our Alumni Dinner is now a full-day programme to give you some insights into the business world and we are looking forward to spend the day with you. As in previous years, we wish to use the annual gathering to strengthen the connection with our alumni and encourage networking among the former scholars and interns who are generally motivated people sharing similar values and goals.

This year we have the opportunity to cooperate with the German Embassy Pretoria for a very interesting event. Our alumni go to the OR Tambo Airport and learn about Lufthansa's A 380 and the logistics all around the aiport and airline. After the field trip to the airport, we have a dinner at the SAIIA-office, due to their 80th anniversary, we have included their Youth group as well. The keynote speaker, Pieter Cronje, who has been in involved in the organisation of the first South African Election 1994 and the Football-Worldcup in South Africa 2010, will talk to the particpants about his experience in communication and marketing.

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  • Pieter Cronje (Communications- and Marketingexpert)


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    Dr. Holger Dix


    Head of the KAS office in Tunisia / Algeria

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    Alumni-Day 2014 KAS
    Alumni-Day 2014 KAS
    Alumni-Day 2014 KAS
    Alumni-Day 2014 KAS
    Alumni-Day 2014 KAS