DDP Social Media Workshop for Political Parties

The commercial world successfully uses Social Media platforms to grow brand awareness and increase sales. Political parties, at all levels, can use Social Media to connect at a deeper level with voters.


The Durban Development Program (DDP) together with Monk Media organised a workshop on the topic of ever-increasing Social Media impact and how political parties can benefit from the use of Social Media within their campaigning efforts. The aim of the workshop was to assist political parties to use Social Media effectively in order to communicate with potential voters.

Using case studies and examples from selected businesses, the hosts looked at what could be achieved via the use of Social Media, even if the committed resources are limited. Participants were shown how to access relevant platform analytics and metrics, and how to download these into spreadsheets.

Selected software tools were considered in order to facilitate cooperation and secure real-time communication across all channels, both internally and externally.

The participants responded positively to the workshop, realising the value of Social Media interaction for their own political efforts. The hosts of the event stressed the importance of hiring a Social Media and communication consultant in order to maximise benefits for political parties and their online interaction.

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Diakonia Centre
20 Diakonia Avenue,
4001 Durban
Republic of South Africa


July 10, 2018
Elangeni Hotel, 63 Snell Parade, North Beach, Durban, 4001
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Participants of the social media workshop