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Local Government Conference 2018

Towards good subnational governance and sustainable development: Vision 2030

The Democracy Development Program in collaboration with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and Prof P.S. Reddy at the University of KwaZulu-Natal is proud to host the eighth National Local Government Conference.


The conference will catalogue experiences from different interactions in relation to local government. It will identify actions that can be taken forward by sub-national governments, civil society organizations, higher education institutions as key stakeholders. Based on these discussions, a set of concrete recommendations will be elaborated for the of promotion of ongoing interaction with the local government sector.

The objectives of the Conference are four-fold:
- Examine critically the state of local government in the South African local government context as defined by the NDP and explore any progress made since 1994;
- Identify the key challenges faced by municipalities presently and how they intend to address these challenges towards realizing the 2030 vision for South Africa as espoused by the NDP?
- Identify key considerations for promoting and embedding good governance in municipalities given the changing political context, taking cognisance of the vision 2030 detailed in the NDP;
- Explore the role of higher education institutions and NGOs in disseminating information and conducting research on the implementation of Vision 2030.

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Tsogo Sun Elangeni Hotel, Durban


  • Prof P.S. Reddy (University of KwaZulu-Natal) and many more


    DDP and UKZN Local Government Conference 2018: The case of Subnational Government and Vision 2030
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