Voice and Accountability: What Councillors Say

The Dullah Omar Institute in collaboration with KAS and SALGA is hosting a lunch seminar, inviting councillors to reflect on their own role and responsibilities in society.


"Voice and Accountability: What Councillors Say" is a seminar hosted by the Dullah Omar Institute, KAS and SALGA on the perspectives of councillors in society. Being perceived as representatives of communities who provide leadership, communicate needs, mobilise citizens and conduct oversight, councillors are faced with high expectations to bridge constitutional promises and society's reality in South Africa. The seminar provides an opportunity for councillors to present their own view on this role, but also to discuss questions of communication, citizen voice, influence, job satisfaction, honest government and many more.

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SALGA House, 44 Strand Street, Cape Town


  • Prof Evan Lieberman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    • Councillor Thembekile Nkadimeng (Executive Mayor of Polokwane)
      • Prof Jaap de Visser (Dullah Omar Institute)


        Voice and Accountability: What Councillors Say: A seminar discussion on the role and responsibility of councillors in the South African society
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        Christina Teichmann

        Voice and Accountability
        Voice and Accountability