Marking 20 years after fall of the Berlin wall



At least 100 guests gathered on the evening of Monday 9th at the KAS offices, Kampala in a solemn function to mark 20 years since the Berlin wall came down in Germany. They included politicians from different political parties and members of the civil society particularly from KAS partners. A 25-minutes documentary film about the fall of the wall which was shown at the event captured the emotions of many.

In his remarks, KAS Country Representative, Mr. Peter Girke, pointed out that the fall of the wall was a significant development in German history, and that also is the symbol of the end of the Cold War. He noted that it marked the beginning of the reunification process of Germany as well as of families that had been forcefully separated for so many years. In addition, the West-German system of multi-party democracy was introduced in East Germany not even a year after the fall of the wall. These particular developments, he said, could present some good experiences to share with Uganda. “Even though it was already difficult to bring down the real, physical wall, it was an even longer and challenging process to bring down the invisible walls that existed – and partially still exist – in the minds of the people.” He referred to the divide that may exist for example among different ethnicities or the rich and the poor.

Ugandan Minister for Information and National Guidance, Hon. Kabakumba Masiko, congratulated the German people for bringing down the Berlin wall. She indicated that the success of the German people brings hope to Uganda – that some day, the people of Uganda shall also achieve the continued struggle of achieving national unity. “In Uganda today, we are struggling to be united as a nation… so that people can start to feel Ugandan other than feeling more in their tribes or parties… the success of the German people brings hope that we shall achieve it, we shall achieve unity and that Germany has achieved.” Also present was Mr. Messerer, Deputy German Ambassador to Uganda.

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