Beyond Elections: Fostering and Sustaining Constructive Youth Political Engagement

The 3rd annual National Conference will attract the country’s influential young people in politics, civil society, business and academia to ruminate on political discourses.



Reporting Day (30th June 2016)

04:00pmArrivals and check-in

07:15pmWelcome dinner

Objective: provide a platform for relationship building where participants meet and introduce themselves to each other


•Dinner hosted by KAS Country Representative, Mr. Mathias Kamp

Followed by:


Day one (1st July 2016)



09:00amOfficial Opening

Objective: appreciate the salient issues in youth political engagement in the 2016 elections and the subsequent legislature period whilst defining the conference targets.


•Welcome remarks from UNIFOG and KAS

•Keynote address by Mr. Mathias Kamp, KAS Country Director. Topic: Youth engagement in political and development affairs in Uganda: the Nexus between education, entrepreneurship, employment and constructive political engagement

•Background presentation by Mr. Bruce Kabaasa, Associate Director, UNIFOG

Topic: Youth participation in 2016 and beyond: the statistics, the issues, the strategies and the way forward

Followed by

Brief Q & A

10:30amCoffee break

11:00amTable activity

Objective: participants reflect on the contributions from the keynote address and background presentation with a view of identifying the most critical issues and takeaway points.


•Participants conversations based on their tables

•Summary presentations of emerging issues from the tables

11:40pmPanel discussion—youth engagement from the lens of diverse actors

Objective: Receive diverse perspectives about youth engagement in the 2016 elections and start a process of generating ideas for a more coordinated and impactful engagement post-2016

Includes a moderated panel discussion with:

•Ms. Daphine Arinda, Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives

•Mr. Mondo Kyateka, Commissioner for Youth, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development

•Hon. Ann Adeke (MP), National Female Youth MP

•Michael Mugisha, Technical Advisor, UNIFOG

•Ms. Patience Aber, Chairperson, National Youth Council


Yusuf Kiranda, Fellow at CDA

01:30pmLunch break

02:30pm Breakaway workshops—youth political engagement post-2016 elections: the actors, the issues, the actions and entry points for cooperation.

Objective: map out diverse actors involved in youth political engagement and explore entry points for cooperation.


Parallel workshops facilitated by the following organisations

•Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives

•Interparty Youth Platform

•Uganda Youth Network

•African Youth Development Link

•National Youth Council

04:00pmCoffee break

04:30pmPlenary session—feedback from the breakaway workshops

Objective: receive and discuss feedback from the breakaway workshops with a focus on identifying areas for synergy, cooperation and learning from best practices.


•Presentations of outcomes from breakaway workshops

Followed by:

•Moderated plenary discussion

Day two (2nd July 2016)


09:00amplenary session—recap of day one

Objective: receive a record of emerging issues and takeaway points from the conference discussions


Recap of day one by the conference rapporteur

Followed by:

Short feedback from the plenary

09:30amTable activity—walking the path: wayward post conference

Objective: participants generate ideas of moving the conference agreements into concrete actions


•Participants discuss the way forward based on their tables

Followed by

Feedback and discussion of table activity outcomes

11:00amTable coffee break

11:30amWrap-up and Official closing

Objective: receive the preliminary (summary) conference report and government perspectives on youth engagement


•Preliminary report by conference rapporteur

•Statement from KAS Country Representative

•Statement and Official Closing by the Minister for Youth and Children Affairs.

Followed by Departures

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