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A film on democratic participation of citizens in Uganda




Over the past decades millions of people in Africa have paid a high price for the absence of good governance. Development on the continent has been retarded through high levels of corruption, lack of accountability and the general absence of good governance. Democracy is generally weak in most of Africa.

In 2005, Uganda transited to a multiparty political system from a movement system under which the country had been governed for over 20 years. This transition was expected to strengthen democracy and good governance. However, several challenges still exist. Among these challenges include; corruption, low levels of accountability by political leaders, divisions within the population on the basis of belonging to different political parties, ethinicities etc.

Why the film

For over 30 years, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has been involved in civic and political education in Uganda. The programme of KAS in Uganda has focussed on promoting democracy, human rights and rule of law largely through training and political dialogue.

However, as time goes by, KAS realises the need to adopt more innovative approaches in civic education. While the “classical” workshop approaches have over time yielded positive results, they are limited by their failure to portray real experiences from the grassroots. In order to cover this gap, the KAS Uganda programme is introducing the film approach as an additional tool to complement already existing approaches in civic education and training. The film uses drama to highlight key issues of democracy and democratic processes. Viewers are entertained as they learn. It shall be used in training workshops organised by KAS and its partners. It shall also be shown to selected audiences in schools, universities and communities.

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Theatre Labonita, Kampala


Yusuf Kiranda

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Programme Officer

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