Training for Youth in Effective Participation in National Democratic Governance and Leadership Development Processes

The All Saints Church and KAS are organising a leadership and democracy training in Amolatar. The training is going to be a follow-up on a training that took place in 2013 and targets the previous training's most promising participants.


In response to the perennial leadership and governance challenges facing Uganda today, All Saints Cathedral together with the Diocese of Lango with support from KAS organized a Youth Leadership training course in September 2013. This training aimed at preparing Youth for the eminent call to national stewardship in all areas of Ugandan public life. The urgency of that training was occasioned by the ongoing generational transition that is poised to witness transfer of leadership responsibility from the independence to the upcoming generation of Ugandan leaders. Field anecdotes including their limited levels of engagement in public affairs continued to show lack of readiness to face this emerging leadership challenge. Whereas it has been observed that education alone may not suffice in terms of entrenching the values and practices of democratic governance and accountability among youth, it has a critical role to play. In the experience of Uganda, there is evidence to suggest that even the ‘educated’ youth (i.e. those who have had civic education) have not been highly effective with regard to fruitful participation on the ongoing democratic governance and accountability processes.

The proposed follow-up training attempts to improve this by helping participants consolidate the previous lessons by creating a platform for reflection on and review of the key learning points in relation to the field realities as they obtain in their respective communities. The course will also enable participants share experiences on how the taught concepts played in the real community life as a way of facilitating the translation of the theoretical concepts into practical experiences on ground. Based on the above experiences, new information will then be provided to further deepen their knowledge and skills in the area of democratic leadership and governance.

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Town View Hotel, Amolatar


Maike Messerschmidt

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