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Young Leaders Think Tank Residential Workshop

Young People and their Participation in Agriculture

This year, the Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives (Think Tank) is discussing the issues of EAC integration and youth participation in agriculture. During a two day residential workshop, the members of the Think Tank discussed the paper on agriculture in preparation for further engagement with policy makers and subsequent publication.

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The Young Leaders Think Tank for Policy Alternatives is an initiative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung to enhance youth participation in governance and policy formulation in Uganda. The Think Tank is a group of highly qualified and committed young Ugandans who come together and analyze policy issues and develop policy alternatives. A working group of the Think Tank has been doing research on the topic of youth in the agricultural sector and presented their findings to all members of the Think Tank to get feedback which will be included in the final paper.

The workshop started with a short introduction of the draft by Mr. Eshban Kwesiga. He presented the findings of the working group and highlighted the importance of the agricultural sector to reduce youth unemployment. After a lively discussion all members agreed on the scope of the paper. The focus of the paper will lay on how agriculture can be a solution for youth unemployment and how this sector can provide youth with productive and lucrative jobs.

Following this, all members had some time for individual study focused on the situation of youth unemployment and the current structure of the agricultural sector. After lunch all participants discussed on which topics they want to work on in detail. The whole group was divided in smaller working groups focusing on social, political, economic and technological challenges the agriculture sector is currently facing. Moreover one group focused on comparable case studies on transforming the agricultural sector in other countries.

In the afternoon, the facilitator, Mr. Yusuf Kiranda, introduced the world café methodology to the participants as a method to exchange the results of the smaller working groups. Each group selected a representative who presented the findings of the working group to members of other groups. A rotation system ensured that all members had the possibility to meet all representatives at least once.

On the next day the representatives of the smaller working groups presented their results. The group gave feedback and discussed where more research is necessary.

In the end the participants worked on an effective strategy to promote the final paper. They exchanged ideas on how to reach policy makers with their research results. Finally they agreed on addressing stakeholders of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Parliament and the civil society.

We thank all Think Tank members who participated in the workshop for their constructive contribution and looking forward to the final paper on agriculture and youth unemployment.

Author: Nele Krüger, KAS Intern

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