Event Reports

Strategy Meeting for 2012

by Julia Madeleine Remy


A strategy meeting, organised by KAS Uganda, took place in order to plan for 2012. The future cooperation with the partners and current challenges of the cooperation were discussed.

The KAS Uganda had invited its partners for a strategy meeting in order to plan for 2012. Present at the meeting were the Foundation for African Development (FAD), Action for Development (Acfode), the Uganda Media Development Foundation (UMDF), the Directorate of National Guidance (DNG) as a goverment representative and the Makerere University Convocation (MUC).

In the Cassia Lodge in Kampala the KAS Uganda started off with a presentation of its fields of activities, talking about the main focusses, guidelines and objectives.

Afterwards the partners were given time to lay out their plannings for 2012 and exchange ideas about upcoming events.

The second half of the day was mainly used for dealing with questions concerning accounting matters, especially the coming introduction of the standardized PASTIS account settlement system in all KAS offices requires a precise coordination of KAS Uganda and its partner organisations.

During a feedback session the time was used to discuss upcoming challenges and past progresses of the cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, the need for continuous communication was emphasised. The partner used the occasion to thank KAS Uganda and the country representative Peter Girke especially, whose term of office in Uganda is ending. Peter Girke also expressed his gratitude for the fruitful cooperation and said his goodbye to the partners.

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