Event Reports

Strengthening the democratisation in Uganda

NGO-representatives from Uganda visit Berlin and Bonn

How does good governance and local democracy work in Germany? Nine representatives from the African country visited Germany from 18th – 24th of September 2016 as guests of KAS in a “Germany seminar” to gain impulses for their work in their home country.

The "Governance and Accountability Inter-District CSO Network" (GAIN-Uganda) focuses on good governance and democracy at the district level and is in the process to officially register as an NGO. With about 30 member organisations from eleven districts in all parts of the country, GAIN-Uganda is an important umbrella organisation to strengthen the civil society work of locally based stakeholders. KAS supports GAIN with training and the development of internal structures. In 2016, KAS helps the network especially in the development of strategies and materials on political education at the local level.

The commitment of local civil society organisations is of important role due to the difficult political situation in Uganda and other facing challenges at the local level. Unfortunately, this commitment takes for many donors and actors at national level too little attention. At the same time the political work at the local level is heavily block due to legal and bureaucratic barriers, interference and intimidation by security forces and cooperation unwillingness of local governments. Through the creation of a network, the involved local NGOs are able to strengthen their position, engage effectively in the field of lobby and advocacy and defend their democratic rights. In addition to the possibility of jointly-implemented measures and campaigns, the network provides a framework for the systematic exchange of best practices and common training for the strengthening of the Member organisations.

The “Deutschlandprogramm” provides selected representatives of the GAIN member organisation the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in key areas of civil society (especially at the local level) and to develop new approaches based on practical experiences in Germany for their own commitment. This contributes to the strengthening of the Member organizations and the network as a whole - and thus to strengthen a strategically important partner with high potential for the future.

Responsible for the organisation and realisation of the visitors program by the team of domestic programs: Dr.Tobias Rüttershoff. Accompaniment: Mathias Kamp, Country Representative of KAS Uganda.