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A Decisive Moment

U.S. Elections and Its Implications for Transatlantic Relations


On November 3rd we witnessed one of the most significant elections in U.S. history. The United States demonstrated record participation from all demographic segments of American voters, who turned out to cast their ballots using all available voting options. Delayed definitive outcomes and contesting lawsuits resulted. Voter profiles and priorities – Trump vs. Biden – raise basic questions, one of which is the important conundrum of how the United States became so polarized.

Post-election the transatlantic relationship, which had been increasingly strained over the last decade, will face new challenges. The outcomes of the U.S. Presidential, Senate and House of Representative elections all have consequences for the future transatlantic relations.

To address these timely issues, we have invited experts to analyze the determining factors that impacted voter profiles, motivations and outcomes of various segments of the population. We will also discuss the implications on the transatlantic relations that the election results will have.

Please join us for this timely debate with our experts:

Soren Dayton, Policy Advocate, Protect Democracy

Bruce Stokes, Non-Resident Fellow and Executive Director of the Transatlantic Task Force, The German Marshall Fund of the United States

Layla Zaidane, Executive Director and COO at Millennial Action Project

Paul Linnarz, Director, KAS Office USA (Moderator)

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