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Post-COVID-19 International Exchanges: The Future of Scholars Programs

KAS-ACE Series

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International exchanges are an essential part of campus internationalization and global engagement. More broadly, they strengthen our democracy by developing stronger institutions and better citizens. The pandemic has prompted some vital questions about the future of exchanges. The KAS-ACE series will explore some of these questions in three online events that will focus on faculty, student, and professional exchanges.

Our first event highlights the Fulbright Program, a 75-year-old government-funded exchange program, and also discusses international exchange programs more generally, with a focus on the U.S.-European Union relationship.

Join our panel of international exchange experts, program participants, and campus leaders to discuss the post-pandemic impact of scholars programs.




Paul Linnarz, Director, KAS Office USA (Welcome Remarks)

Brad Farnsworth, Senior Fellow, American Council on Education (Moderator)

Dennis Chester, Professor and Chair, Department of English, California State University – East Bay

Lonnie Johnson, former Executive Director of US-Austria Fulbright Program

Ray Mitic, Postdoctoral Researcher, Council of Graduate Schools

Jewell Green Winn, Senior International Officer and Deputy Chief Diversity Officer, Tennessee State University


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March 25, 2021
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