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“Faith in Action - What role do religious communities play in the demography discourse? “

On 17 February, the online expert event "Faith in Action - What role do religious communities play in the demography discourse?" will take place followed by a study presentation.

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Nowhere in the world is the population growing as fast as in West Africa: by 2050, it will almost double from 402 million to 797 million people. More people will compete for jobs, good education and health care. If governments fail to give people a perspective, many will lose their right to a self-determined life. Hope for socio-demographic change comes from working with actors who have long been seen as obstacles to family planning: religious organisations. Their representatives enjoy great trust in West Africa. Three quarters of all people listen to the advice of their priest or imam on sensitive issues such as the number of children or sexuality.

On behalf of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the Berlin Institute for Population and Development has investigated in 16 West African countries what role religious authorities or organisations play in demographic-relevant fields of work such as gender justice, family planning and sexuality. Where are they already active and advocating for improvements and more self-determination? What projects have they initiated? What obstacles have they encountered and what successes have they achieved? What recommendations for action can be derived from this? These questions are addressed in the new study “Faith in Action: How religious organisations facilitate demographic change in West Africa”.

We look forward to your participation in the online expert event followed by a study presentation. In addition to André Gueye, Bishop of Thies (Senegal), Peter Munene, CEO of the Faith to Action Network, and Essohanam EDJEOU, Cabinet Director of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Cooperation (Togo), will also participate in the study discussion.

Please register via the registration form ( until 16 February 2022.

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