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Scholarship program Malta

Information about the scholarship program for Maltese students

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Until the end of september 2024 Maltese Bachelor and Master students can apply for the scholarship program of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Italy.

The scholarship has a duration of 6 months, starting in January 2025 and lasting until June 2025. 

Eligible to apply are students from Maltese universities from political and social sciences, law and economy as well as theology and media.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is committed to equal opportunities in all areas of society. Therefore, we expressly encourage all students with disabilities to apply for our scholarship as well.

Please send your application to Patricia Liberatore, by september,  30st 2024.

More information about the scholarship program in following.

1. About Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a German political foundation headquartered in Berlin. The foundation's aim is to consolidate and promote peace, freedom and prosperity in Germany, Europe and worldwide. KAS is committed to a liberal, representative democracy, the rule of law, the social market economy and the European unification.

With a Christian-democratic understanding of politics and society as both its point of reference and orientation, the initiatives of KAS serve to develop and strengthen the Christian-democratic movement. The foundation is associated with the German political party CDU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany), but works independently and autonomously and is firmly committed to the political legacy of the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Konrad Adenauer.

Its more than 100 offices abroad contribute to the foundation's target to create an international order of peace and justice and to promote ethical responsibility, sustainability and the preservation of creation in view of the complex changes proceeding worldwide.

In Italy, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung opened its office in 1977 and is responsible for the relations with Italy, Malta and the Holy See. The Italian office organizes events, dialogue programs and provides analyses to promote the bilateral exchange with Germany within the European framework.


2. Objective of the Scholarship

The functionality of a society depends on the value orientation, productivity and responsibility of its leaders. Our vision of society evolves from a concept of order, which is obliged to common welfare and reconciles freedom with justice and individual performance with a solidarity-based readiness to help others.

These values and principles provide the basis for KAS' obligation to contribute to the support of future leaders at home and abroad by motivating, qualifying and activating the young generations for democracy and European unification.

By providing ideational support and awarding scholarships, KAS aims at preparing young people with above-average talents for their future tasks in state and society, with a strong focus on science and economy, politics and administration, media and culture and international organizations.

3. Scholarships awarded by KAS Italy

The scholarships awarded by KAS Italy are intended for students who study politics, social science, law, economy, theology or media theory at one of the Maltese universities.

The scholarship has a duration of 6 months, it begins in January 2025 and lasts until June 2025 and will conclude with a study trip to Berlin.

The scholarship not only requires students to carry out their studies in an orderly way, to maintain a high academic performance and to communicate regularly about their progress but also to participate actively in the online activities of KAS Italy whenever possible.

Who can apply:

- Undergraduate bachelor degree students

- One-year postgraduate master degree students

- Two-year postgraduate master degree students

who are enrolled at a public or private Maltese university.

Application period:

Until 30 september 2024.

Selection process and assignment of scholarships:

The selection process will last from October to November 30th. Until December 15th 2024 the scholarship holders are getting informed.


4. Eligibility criteria for both types of scholarship

Talented students will be selected according to the following requirements and the dimensions resulting thereof:


Subject related qualification

General education / open-mindedness and interests / creativity

Foreign language skills (German or English or French)


Supportive of the values of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung


Ability to think independently


Voluntary work


Motivation / social skills


Academic experience in Germany (past or scheduled)

Language knowledge

Topic of final thesis or focus in studies

5. Candidature

Application documents:

Detailed current CV

Motivation letter in which the candidate explains his reference with Germany

One letter of recommendation (report of the academic supervisor)

Copies of certificates/votes

Admission notice and/or confirmation of enrolment of the relevant university

Please send all the required documents for your candidature until end of september in a single attached file via Email to atricia Liberatore,


6. Selection procedure

The selection procedure will be organized by the office of KAS in Italy. Applicants meeting the requirements will be directly contacted by the Italian KAS office.

The applicant has no legal entitlement to claim the awarding of the scholarship or the extension of the funding period.

7. Acceptance of the scholarship

The scholarship begins once the candidate has received a positive answer from the Italian KAS office (scholarship approval) and has confirmed the scholarship in writing by completing and signing the acceptance declaration (13).

8. Obligations of scholarship awardees

By accepting the scholarship, the scholarship awardees are also obliged:

1. to maintain regular contact with KAS Italy and, where possible, participate actively in KAS events, to which the awardee was invited;

2. to use the scholarship for timely and focused studies;

3. to regularly provide KAS Italy with evidence regarding the studies and the academic performance;

4. not to change the subject of study / study course / place of study or the subject of the thesis without prior consultation with KAS;

5. to attend the online meetings of KAS scholarship awardees in Italy and to provide timely excuse including the reasons in case they cannot attend;

6. to provide a short interim report after the third and after the conclusion of the six month scholarship including the academic performance and examination results;

9. End of scholarship

Together with the acceptance declaration, the awardee also agrees to the duration of the scholarship as determined by the Italian KAS office. At the end of this funding period, the scholarship shall also end with the effect that any claim for further payment becomes void.

10. KAS alumni / alumni network

It is the objective of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung to maintain and strengthen the contact with all alumni of its scholarship program. Upon termination of the scholarship, all awardees will be admitted to the global KAS alumni network (they will be assigned to the Italian alumni group). The central point of contact is KAS Italy.

It is of major importance that all awardees maintain contact and inform the Italian KAS office about their contact data (e-mail, phone etc.) and their subsequent academic or professional careers.

KAS Italy will organize annual meetings of ex-awardees, which mainly serve to maintain the contact between KAS and previous scholarship awardees.

11. Termination, withdrawal or repayment of the scholarship

The scholarship may be terminated, including without limitation, if

- the requirements for awarding the scholarship have become inapplicable with effect for the past,

- the awardee has made false statements or omitted any facts.

Upon notification of such termination, all payments will cease. If the awardee has made false statements, all payments starting from the beginning of the scholarship have to be returned. In all other cases, the payments have to be returned from the moment when the reason for termination occurred.

In case of an intellectual infringement (plagiarism), all payments made from the beginning of the scholarship may be also reclaimed after the end of the scholarship.


12. Scholarship payments

The scholarships payment will be 250 EUR/monthly.

The scholarship payments will be made by bank transfer. The first payment will be made within 30 days after the acceptance declaration and will be continued on a 90-day-basis until the end of the 6-month scholarship.

In order to secure the prompt monthly payment, a short interim report has to be submitted after the third month. The last monthly payment will be made upon submitting a short final report after six months.

13. Acceptance declaration for a scholarship awarded by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Italy

I have received the scholarship approval and the scholarship award regulations of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and accept the scholarship in accordance with the conditions set out above.

I hereby confirm that I have been informed about my obligations. My signature fully confirms the above. This applies to, including without limitation, submitting regular reports about the progress of my studies, my attendance at KAS events and the obligation to keep KAS updated about my academic or professional career.

Personal data:

First name:

Last name:

Subject of study:

Date and place of birth:


Place of study and name of university:

E-mail address:





Bank details:

My bank details for transferring the scholarship payments:

Name of the bank:







Auslandsbüro der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Italien

Patricia Liberatore, Project Coordinators, KAS Italy

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00186 Rome

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