Book presentation

Germany: An indispensable partner in the Baltic Sea Region?

Book presentation on "Perceptions of Germany in the Security of the Baltic Sea Region"

In a panel discussion, experts from several countries will discuss Germany’s role in the Baltic Sea Region and present the publication “Perceptions of Germany in the Baltic Sea Region”.


The role of Germany in the Baltic Sea Region is a topic of constant controversy. In the capitols of the Baltic and Nordic states, attention is repeatedly directed towards Berlin, ranging from questions of foreign and security policy to European and global issues. The German position is often given particular significance and the call for more German responsibility is regularly expressed directly or indirectly. Nevertheless, different priorities and expectations of Germany's role can be identified.

In this panel discussion, four experts will examine the question of whether Germany is indispensable as an active partner in the Baltic Sea region and what role the country should play in this area. In addition, the publication “Perceptions of Germany in the Security of the Baltic Sea Region” will be presented, in which authors from various countries bordering the Baltic Sea deal with German foreign and security policy and its implications for the region.

Participants of the discussion include:

Ilgvars Ķlava, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia

Barbara Kunz, Institute Français des Relations Internationales

Monika Sus, Hertie School of Governance

Amelie Theussen, University of Southern Denmark

The discussion will take place from 13:00 – 14:30 at the Art Museum Riga Bourse (Doma laukums 6, LV-1050 Riga).

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Riga, Latvia


  • Ilgvars Ķlava
    • Barbara Kunz
      • Monika Sus
        • Amelie Theussen

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