Schweden vor der Wahl 2022

August 2022 KAS Nordics Newsletter

Schweden wählt am 11. September den Riksdag, das nationale Parlament. Aktueller Newsletter zu den letzten Entwicklungen vor den Wahlen.
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Internship in Stockholm

Are you looking for an interesting and versatile internship in the Nordic countries?

University graduates and students have the opportunity to apply for a twelve to 24-week internship at the Stockholm office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.
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A joint KAS/Civitas webinar

Adenauer’s Legacy: Lessons from Adenauer’s political philosophy and work for the politics of today

What lessons can be made from Adenauer’s experiences of the clash between democracy and totalitarianism? And how did Adenauer’s convictions inspire his post-war political work?
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Eine restriktivere Politik als Konsens der politischen Mitte

Schwedens Kurswechsel in der Asyl- und Integrationspolitik

Schwedens Asyl-und Integrationspolitik war im internationalen Vergleich lange ausgenommen liberal, bis es nach 2015 über die politischen Lager hinweg zu einer markanten Abkehr kam.
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A KAS Nordics webinar

Security in the Arctic after the Invasion of Ukraine

Will the war in Ukraine and the European security policy Zeitenwende lead to new security arrangements in the Arctic? Will cooperation become more difficult in the polar regions?
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Välkommen, Velkommen, Tervetuloa, Velkomið! - The Nordic Countries regional project of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung promotes the cooperation between the Nordic countries and Germany, with a particular focus on the areas of politics and civil society. We campaign for constant dialogue between relevant parties and promote joint events with our partners.

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Media library

A KAS/Civita webinar, recorded on May 10th 2022
Is a Secular Christian Democracy Possible?
A English/Norwegian-language panel discussion on the role of Christian Democratic parties in increasingly secularized societies.
A KAS breakfast seminar, co-arranged with Civita
Which role should the state play in an innovation-driven market economy?
Join us to learn more from a new collection of critical analyses and assessments of state-led innovation and top-down industrial policies, by innovation scholars and economists.
Presenting the first Greenlandic foreign policy opinion poll
The First Greenlandic Foreign- and Security Policy Poll
In this video, the authors of the report, Maria Ackrén and Rasmus Leander Nielsen, present the main findings.
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A KAS/Atlantic Council Webinar
Transatlantic relations and the future of Belarus
Co-arranged with the Atlantic Council at the Blackbox Studio in Stockholm on December 15th, 2021.
A recorded Webinar from April 29th, 2021
Facing the future of migration: German, Swedish, and Danish perspectives
The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Nordic Countries Project in cooperation with the German Embassy in Stockholm invited experts to a panel discussion on the future of migration policy.
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A recorded KAS Nordics Webinar from May 26th, 2021
Russia and the Arctic Council: The Russian Chairmanship 2021-2023
The Russian Federation has set sustainable development at the top of its priority agenda, but is trying to balance that with its economic development and resource extraction goals.
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A recorded KAS Nordics Webinar from December 14th, 2021
Nordic Variation of Christian Democracy – a Comparison of Nordic Christian Democratic parties
In this webinar, Dr. Douglas Brommesson presents his report, after which Dr. Gregor Ryssel, KAS Advisor for Party Analysis, comments the findings.
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A recorded KAS Nordics Webinar from August 26th, 2021
Nordic and German Views on Smart Health: Can Innovations Enhance Wellbeing in Ageing Societies?
Can digitalized smart health tools and innovations lighten the expected increased care burden in aging Western societies? We spoke with Nordic and German experts to find out!
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A recorded KAS Nordics Webinar from September 11th, 2021
Nordic and German pathways towards a low carbon transition - How will innovation shape the future?
In this panel discussion we explored with invited German and Nordic experts how innovation will shape our future and enable low-carbon pathways towards a carbon neutral continent.
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