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Political Communication in a Changing Media Environment - Engaging Young People with Modern Communication Strategies

In cooperation with the European Democratic Students (EDS), the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung will host a conference addressing modern communication strategies to engage young citizens.


The conference intends to provide workshops to convey knowledge about modern communication strategies to the participants and foster exchange among them. These include information on how to mobilize support for political parties, strategic communication in elections, or crafting robust arguments.

The discussion will be framed by the challenges and opportunities of a changing media environment.

The recent developments require political parties to adapt to maximize the gains from using modern communication.

It will be equally important to address how to strategically deal with negative side effects such as fake news distributed through such ways and avert baneful influences on public opinion.

Furthermore, the conference will address current challenges and changes in the political landscape. In addition the geographical setting will allow participants to acquaint themselves with the challenges of the region with a focus on strategic communication.

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Riga, Latvia


  • Elisabeth Bauer
    • Sara Juriks
      • Hosams Abu Meri
        • Edgars Ikstens
          • Elina Lange-Ionatamishvili
            • Artis Pabriks
              • Ojars Eriks Kalnins
                • Matteo Albania
                  • Beppe Galea
                    • Arturs Mednis
                      • Arnoldas Pranckevicius

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