Global Emissions Reductions: Motivations, Obstacles and Germany’s Role

Presentation of an international KAS survey

The Paris Agreement on climate change COP21 aims at limiting of global warming to well below two degrees Celsius. A new study takes a look into the emission policies of the world’s four largest producers of GHG: China, India, Russia and the USA.


The report shows that there are many differences between the four countries, but also some similarities. It particularly highlights the fact that preventing climate change is still not a major motivating factor when it comes to reducing emissions. Issues such as combating poverty, economic competitiveness, air pollution and administrative enforceability vary greatly among the four countries.

The results of this survey are also important for Germany’s international engagement in the area of climate policy.

KAS RECAP will present the major findings in Beijing, Hongkong and Singapore. The workshops will also discuss the impact of carbon emission reductions policies ("decarbonisation") on national development strategies.


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Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore


Mr. Jasper Eitze
Coordinator for Energy
Climate and Environmental Policy
KAS Berlin
Dr. Peter Hefele


Global Emissions Reductions and the German "Energiewende": Presentation of an international KAS survey
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