2021 KAS-EUCERS Energy Trialogue (This report is only available in English)

von Eva Wagner

The Emerging Hydrogen Economies: Shared interests by Australia, Germany and Japan

H2x3 The 2021 KAS-EUCERS Energy Trialogue has kicked off by way of a virtual seminar (closed expert group) on the emerging hydrogen economies in, and shared interests by, Australia, Germany and Japan.

Moderated by Prof Frank Jotzo – Head of Energy, Institute for Climate, Energy and Resource Security, Australian National University (ANU), the event featured experts from each country. In his impulse statement on “Ramping Up the Hydrogen Economy in Germany”, Prof Dr Friedbert Pflueger – Director of EUCERS and Managing Partner of Bingmann Pflueger International GmbH outlined the German approach. Prof Masakazu Sugiyama – Professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) at the University of Tokyo and Hydrogen Envoy of the Queensland State Government used his impulse statement to address “Japan’s Hydrogen Demand to Meet Its 2050 Zero Carbon Goal”. Associate Professor Llewelyn Hughes from the ANU’s Crawford School of Public Policy in his impulse statement on “Global Supply Chains for Hydrogen” took the Australian viewpoint. Each of the impulse statements was followed by a lively discussion of the matters raised in them, including clean versus green hydrogen, the role of carbon capture and storage technology and the transport of hydrogen.


KAS Australia would like to thank cordially its cooperation partners in the event, and looks forward to continuing the “Trialogue” by way of a second virtual seminar later this year.


Eva Wagner

Eva Wagner

Senior Programm-Koordinatorin Rechtsstaatlichkeit, Energie- und Entwicklungspolitik +61 2 6154 9323