2021 KAS-EUCERS Energy Trialogue (this report is only available in English)

von Eva Wagner

Hydrogen Certification in Australia, Germany and Japan

H2x3 The 2021 KAS-EUCERS Energy Trialogue has concluded by way of a virtual seminar (public event) on “The Certification of Hydrogen in Australia, Germany and Japan”.

Moderated by Dr Emma Aisbett - Fellow, School of Regulation and Global Governance and Associate Director, Research, Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific Grand Challenge, Australian National University (ANU), the event featured experts from each country. In her presentation, Katharina Sailer - Expert, Bioenergy and Renewable Gases, German Energy Agency (DENA) outlined “The German and EU Certification Requirements for the Import of Hydrogen from Australia and Japan”. Scott Hamilton – Senior Advisor for Hydrogen Australia and the Smart Energy Council talked about hydrogen certification schemes and projects in Australia. Dr Seiichiro Kimura from the Renewable Energy Institute gave a briefing on the status of hydrogen certification in Japan. Each presentation was followed by a lively discussion of the matters raised in them. Dr Frank Umbach - Research Director, European Cluster for Climate, Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) at the University of Bonn provided a summary and outlook.


A recording of the seminar is available here.


A Periscope Paper edition including analysis briefs of hydrogen certification in Australia, Germany and Japan, respectively, will be published online and in print soon.


KAS Australia would like to thank cordially its cooperation partners in the event.


Eva Wagner

Eva Wagner

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