New Minds – Old Challenges: Exploring Central European Identity in the 21st Century

KAS Online Seminars on Central Europe


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You are a university student and younger than 30 years? Great! We would like to invite you to speak with young people from all over Central Europe.

Within the past 30 years, East-Central Europe has undergone far-reaching transformations. The collapse of communism and its ideology allowed
your region to reinvent itself. A search for new values and a common European identity followed. What was it like to grow up in such times? How did those years shape your beliefs and convictions? We want to explore these topics with you.

That is why we offer you the opportunity to share your experiences in our online workshops. You have the chance to talk with experts from your
region about pressing issues such as EU membership, the role of religion and national security policy. Find out more about what you have in common, what divides you and use this opportunity to build networks with likeminded young people from all over Central Europe.

After attending all three events, you will receive a certificate proving your extracurricular activity. If you still want more, we can offer you the unique
possibility to attend our next KAS Summer School in Dresden (date pending).

You can expect great topics. We are looking forward to your applications.


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