Effects of the coronacrisis in Belarus and policies to break through

A professional discussion on the current socio-economic developments and possible policy options

A joint online event hosted by the IPM Research Center and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Belarus Office referring to KEF traditions of open professional discussion took place on May 21st. Partners of the discussion are BEROC and website “Covidonomics of Belarus”.


Experts from international organizations – Nadeem Ilahi (IMF), Dimitar Bogov (EBRD), Alex Kremer (World Bank), Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecki and Ariel Ivainer (UN) – and from Belarusian think tanks (Katerina Bornukova, Radzivon Marozau (BEROC), Igor Pelipas, Gleb Shymanovich, Alexander Chubrik (IPM Research Center)) and business unions (Zhanna Tarasevich (BUEE named after Prof. M.S. Kuniavskiy)) could exchange views on a number of contemporary issues:

  • What ways do Belarusian business and the expert community see to overcome the crisis?
  • What approaches do the international and foreign actors want to implement in providing assistance to Belarus?
  • To which extent is the international assistance relevant for the Belarusian economy?
  • What is the most effective way to implement the international assistance?


The numerous mass media attended the discussion and communicated the main massages of the event to the public:


You can find the programm of the discussion under:

You can find presentations of the speakers here.