Building A Better Malaysia

The PRAXIS conference is a platform for industry players from the public policy, finance, tech and public sectors to come together to help shape national public policies towards creating a better Malaysia. Hosted by ISIS Malaysia since 2011, it has a strong following among policymakers, policy analysts, civil society and academics, as a platform to engage in robust discussions on issues impacting on the nation and region, including sustainability, trade, global and geopolitical risks, technological advancements, human capital and socio-politics.



In the third year of the pandemic, much has changed. Across the world, borders have reopened while domestically, Malaysia’s economy is at pre-crisis levels.

Yet, as Malaysia lives with Covid-19 in the endemic phase amid hope and certainty, the global environment is becoming increasingly turbulent.

The crosswinds of geopolitical conflict, climate and energy crises, and the pandemic’s legacy of inequality threaten to derail Malaysia’s development.

Our aim is to convene policymakers, researchers, civil society and the private sector to examine how to build upon the Covid-19 recovery and pave the way towards a sustainable, resilient and better Malaysia.


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