KAS Election Bridge - Campaigning Training Course

An Online Training Course on Election Campaigning

Winning election is not a game of luck for political parties and candidates. It is a result of long-term preparations, robust organization, emphatic communication, effective strategy, political timing, hard-work and a little bit of luck. All these are only possible with people. Without passionate, competent, and professional individuals, election campaigning will be a risky and a potentially losing exercise.


KAS Election Bridge Online Campaigning Training Course
KAS Election Bridge Online Campaigning Training Course

The KAS – Election Bridge Campaign Training Course aims to capacitate political parties through building competent and professional campaign manpower. With competent and professional campaign manpower, parties will increase their likelihood of winning elections and in the end the opportunity to translate their party platforms and programs into public policies.

The training course is an individual team training and mentoring service on using social media to mobilize supporters and to win votes. The training includes best practices from around Asia, current social media Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat analysis, and influence growth goal, process, and tactic planning for a national or local campaign.

The course will be delivered with recorded videos that participants can view on their own time, an online lecture and discussion, and group works on the deliverable. The course is designed as a five-week course, each week with 2 hours of video courses, 2 hours of online discussion, and 1 hour of group work with thirty minutes of group Q&A with the lecturer.

The teams will have access to a Big Data social media analysis platform during the course, with real-time social data from their respective countries.

All work will be done through secure video and conference calls, and secure emails and document sharing.

Week 01: Know Your Candidate

  • Campaign Stages (Video)
  • Candid Candidate (Video)
  • Connect with Voters (Video)
  • Counter Opposition with Empathy
  • Reading the Electorate
  • Campaign Planning and Campaign Plan
  • Putting Together a Campaign Plan
  • Workplan: Precinct Analysis, Voter Breakdown, Candidate Worldviews, and SWOT analysis.
  • Simulation: Estimating Electorate, Quantify Electorate Plans

Week 02: Issue, Networks, and Ground Games

  • Election as War (Video)
  • Communication Modality and Voter Relation (Video)
  • Issues & Networks (Video)
  • Issues & Networks (Discussion)
  • Resource, Funding, and Operation
  • Get out the Votes (I)
  • Workplan: Issue analysis, Funding and fundraising plans, campaign organization structure
  • Simulation: Issue selection and impact, network formation

Week 03: Running the Campaign

  • Paid, Owned, and Earned Media (Video)
  • Progress Tracking & Benchmarking (Video)
  • Communicating with the Unbeliever and the Faithful (Video)
  • Weaving a Web of Support
  • Network Management
  • Getting Attention
  • Content Creation Process and Distribution Plan
  • Workplan: Issue plan, Network management plan, media attack plan
  • Simulation: Channel impact analysis

Week 04: Messaging

  • Propaganda Messaging (Video)
  • Permission Structuring Messaging
  • Comparative Messaging (Video)
  • Social Crisis Management (Video)
  • Why me? Why us? Why now?
  • Message Creation Process
  • Compliance Testing
  • Workplan: sample Contents, sample permission structuring, sample comparative message, compliance testing plans.
  • Simulation: Message impact analysis.

Week 05: Activation

  • Integrating Exposure and Engagement (Video)
  • Comparative Communication Plan (Video)
  • Forums and Debate (Video)
  • Closing Argument (Video)
  • Resource Reclamation (Video)
  • GOTV, the new norm
  • GOTV - Message
  • GOTV - Operation
  • Simulation: Campaign Plan discussion

To ensure effective learning, the class size will be limited to 40 seats. The application and selection process is competitive and preference will be given to applicants who have been and will be responsible with the campaign management of their respective parties.

The cost of the training is USD 125.00 per participant. However, KAS Singapore is offering a subsidy of USD 75.00, thus the final amount to be paid by the participant is only USD 50.00. The training fee will cover the access to videos, attend the lecture and the work groups, and a certificate of course completion. The cost also includes a subscription to the social analytic platform during the five weeks.

Please note that the training fee is non-refundable.

Hier finden Sie das Programm zum Download: Online Campaigning Training Course Information.pdf

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