ASEAN and China-US Relations: New Security Dynamics and Regional Implications

High on the symposium's agenda will be the roles of ASEAN, the US and China in the evolving Asia-Pacific security architecture and the challenges for Vietnam as well as ASEAN in maintaining the central role in the regional politics.


The Asia-Pacific region has undergone fundamental changes in its regional organization and power structure since the end of the Cold War. It is now at a critical juncture, witnessing new developments and significant shifts that are having influential impacts on the taking shape of the regional security architecture for the future. Among them, the most important, but uncertain and complex, is the relationship between the US and China. A comprehensive competition between the two powers has become a dominating feature of the relationship recently. This is more evident in the Asia-Pacific, particularly in East Asia, than anywhere else in the world. In this context, a sense of multiple uncertainties has been heightened among regional countries.

Countries in the region are uncertain and concerned about the prospect of China’s power and how it is going to act and use its status and influence to pursue its national interests and objectives in the region, about how the US maintains and ensures its political primacy, economic interests and military preponderance, and whether the rebalance is robust enough to reassure US allies and partners of its capability, about how the Sino-US relationship is going to evolve in the future and about the future of region politics under the impact of this relationship.

Among the most concerned are ASEAN countries whose objective is to maintain a relatively balanced posture towards these two powers, with a view to keeping a leading role in existing regional security mechanisms. With the establishment of ASEAN communities, how to maintain and enhance its cohesion and centrality in the context of Sino - US competition presents the block with formidable challenges and puzzles.

Against that background, the seminar “ASEAN and China - US Relations: New Security Dynamics and Regional Implications” acquires significant rationales in the following aspects:

relatively balanced posture towards these two giants with a view to keeping its cohesion and centrality? (vii) What roles are for the ASEAN Community, the US and China to play in the evolving Asia-Pacific security architecture to enhance regional peace and stability?

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Hanoi, Vietnam


  • Prof. Carlyle A. Thayer
    • UNSW
  • Prof. Tan See Seng
    • NTU
  • Prof. Tsutomu Kikuchi - Aoyama Gakuin Uni.
    • Prof. Su Hao
      • China Foreign Affairs Uni.
    • Prof. Kavi Chongkittavorn
      • Chulalongkorn Uni.
    • Dr. Ha Anh Tuan - DAV
      • Dr. Tran Viet Thai - DAV

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