3rd European-Australian Cybersecurity Dialogue - Session 3

‘Cybersecurity in Crisis Times - A Way Forward for Europe and Australia’

The annual KAS Australia-Europe 1.5 track Cybersecurity Dialogue, this year already in its third iteration, aims to bring together policy makers, experts and practitioners from Europe and Australia to share insights and experiences. Usually, this is achieved through a combination of roundtables, an in-depth seminar and meetings at various institutions and ministries, as well as the respective federal, state and EU Parliaments – alternating between Canberra/Sydney and Berlin/Brussels as locations. This year’s dialogue will take place in a virtual format where speakers' short input statements will be followed by an interactive discussion amongst all invited experts.


'Dialogue on Emerging Tech: Issues of Digital Autonomy for Australia and Europe'

The European Union and Australia both face similar challenges in the wake of advanced and increasingly globalized technologies. While both countries/regions are well-placed to access leading research and development, technological interdependence remains a particular challenge for the EU as well as for Australia (and its role in the Indo-Pacific.) As advanced technologies, specifically artificial intelligence, become more intertwined amidst heightened geopolitical competition, achieving digital sovereignty has become a key objective. In light of AI innovation - advanced robotics, advanced computing, integration of advanced technologies into smart city infrastructure, autonomous weapons, etcetera - what exactly does it mean for the European Union and Australia to manage dependencies and achieve digital autonomy?
This session will address artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies enabled by AI and how advanced technologies are provoking national and regional efforts to achieve digital sovereignty.


Input speakers: 


Dr Samantha Hoffman, Analyst, International Cyber Policy Centre, Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Prof Lesley Seebeck, Professor of Cybersecurity Practice and Inaugural CEO of the Australian National University's Cyber Institute

Dr Stephenie Andal, Head of Strategic Policy, Australian Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre



Dr Ulrike Franke, Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)

Kaan Sahin, Strategic Advisor for Cyber Diplomacy/EU Presidency at Germany’s Federal Foreign OfficeResearch Fellow for Technology and Foreign Policy, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) and Strategic Advisor for Cyber Diplomacy/EU Presidency at Germany’s Federal Foreign Office



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