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Three documentaries on Latvian television

Flucht, Migration und politisches Exil in Lettland

In cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, three documentary films on the issues of migration and escape in Latvia were produced for Latvian television. All three films were broadcasted in autumn 2016 on public Latvian television.

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The documentaries are based on interviews with contemporary witnesses, who had to flee from Latvia during or after the Second World War and portray current refugees who have arrived in Latvia recently. The films intend to make the individual stories visible that are hidden behind the figures, historical facts and breaking news. Especially in Latvia there are great reservations in the refugee debate in both politics and the population. The documentary films offered the opportunity to discuss upcoming questions: What people are coming to Latvia? What does an escape mean for the individual? Were not up until recently also Latvians forced to live in exile?

The films can be viewed in Latvian under the following links:

The situation of Latvian refugees after World War II (15 min):

watch documentary „Aculiecinieks“ here

Refugees from Syria and Eritrea in Latvia in 2016 (25 min):

watch documentary „Bēgļiem ir sejas“ here

Political exile in Latvia (15 min):

watch documentary „Portāls Meduza“ here

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