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Green Tech Talks

(Concepción, Chile)

Closed event (Invitation only)

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The main objective of the Green Tech Talks project (Phase 3) is to disseminate the knowledge acquired during the development of phases 1 (online discussions) and 2 (development of the guide) of the Project, through a Workshop, based on the 1st Implementation Guide for Green Technologies to Promote the 2030 Agenda in Latin American Cities, thus promoting the implementation of Green Technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean, considering local needs in the context and their impacts on sustainable development and climate change mitigation.

The objective of the Workshop is to support and cooperate with the city of Concepción (Chile) and other local governments in Latin America in the design, planning and construction of a preliminary strategy for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in an integrated and synergistic manner with emerging green technologies (renewable energies, electric mobility and digitalization and connectivity, for example). This is a direct continuation of the Guide mentioned above, i.e. it consists of applying the concepts and knowledge in practice! For local governments, this type of collaborative and networked construction is essential to leverage these results and enable a unique space for sharing related strategies and knowledge.

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Anuska Soares


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