Leadership-Workshops for young women in Ghana

KAS supports the Christian Mothers Association in a series of workshops for young women regarding ‘Leadership’. Each workshop consists of a three-day-program which take place in the cities of Koforidua, Sunyani and Tamale.


They listen attentively, take notes and share their own experiences. In an intensive three-day-program the participants of the Leadership-Workshop organized by the Christian Mothers’ Association learn everything they need to know about starting their own successful future as entrepreneurs. On this first day the agenda consists of formal content such as business plans and legal requirements but also of useful techniques to foster one’s own creativity. This wide spectrum aims at encouraging the young participants to develop individual products and services and enabling them to attract investments in their businesses.

The content is being presented by Mr. Christopher Danso and Mr. Frank Boakye. In alternating units of 60 minutes they provide their expertise on the different topics. Every united is followed up by a period where the participants are able to ask questions which leads to lively discussions where the young women ask extensively, laugh a lot but also share stories about obstacles they face in the work environment.

The events are being organized by the Christian Mothers Association, a partner organization of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Ghana. Elizabeth Adjei, one of the responsible persons of the organization, emphasizes the importance of the program for the attending women and thanks KAS for the support. KAS' resident representative Burkhardt Hellemann assured the participants: ‘If you need assistance in making your project a reality, visit us in our office in Accra and we will support you with our network.’

By supporting the workshop-program of the long time partner-organization, KAS provides young women with new perspectives and possibilities in the economy.

Report written by: Daniel Graefingholt (intership)

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Koforidua, Tamale, Sunyani


Burkhardt Hellemann

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