Event Reports

Greece 2016 – Economy, Politics, Society: A Young Perspective

by Martha Kontodaimon
Discussion with students from Stanford University at KAS Athens

KAS Greece organized a panel discussion with students from Stanford University on

  • What do young Greeks think about the current economic, political and social developments?
  • How has the perspective of young Greeks been affected by the crisis?
  • What is the standpoint of the Greek youth towards EU integration?
Three experts on these topics initiated the discussion by analyzing the problems from their perspectives.

Dr. George N. Tzogopoulos, Journalist and media-politics expert summarized in ten key points the current developments in contemporary Greek politics and the way media have affected them. His presentation was followed by Marianna Skylakaki, Founder & Editor of “αθηΝΕΑ” who focused on the economic measures and necessities that need to be covered by the Greek administrations. Last but not least, Omiros Tsapalos, Communication Strategist and General Manager at Spin Communications Digital & Social Media, analyzed the problems the Greek government is currently facing, touching as well the problem of the influx of immigrants Greece has received the past year.

Based on the provided analysis the students engaged with the experts in a critical discussion.