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EUCERS Energy Talks 2

By Shiraz Maher

In 2013, the European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS)together with the German National Academy of Science and Engineering(ACATECH) and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) in London hosted aseries of round-table discussions at King’s College London. After the successfulcooperation and organisation of energy talks in 2012 by EUCERS and KAS,the second series - now with partner ACATECH - was to promote innovativeand creative thinking around the issue of energy resilience. This led to thearranging of five probing round-tables on the topic.

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The philosophy behind this series was to help participants understand the

challenges surrounding energy resilience within an international context in two

distinct ways. The first concerned the idea of energy independence or, at least,

diversification. The topic was particularly timely given how much emphasis

was placed on the issue during the 2012 US Presidential election by both

candidates, and because of recent unrest across parts of North Africa and the

Levant. The second issue concerned the growing threat from terrorism, cyberattacks

including both espionage and sabotage. It was felt this was particularly

relevant given the ever-increasing interconnectedness of regional and national

energy grids in the European Union.

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