Event Reports

European Roundtable - Speech on European Politics

"The Challenges ahead – The European Agenda in 2009". Speech by Prof. Dr. Emil J. Kirchner, Jean Monet Chair at the University of Essex during this year's European Roundtable in Wilton Park, Sussex. (As PDF and in English only)

"Given the extent of the current economic and financial crisis, there are significant challenges ahead. Although I do not count myself among those who believe that the global recession is necessarily a prelude to political and social apocalypse, I think that some of the current economic and financial problems will affect EU social cohesion, political stability, energy and environmental matters, and foreign affairs. There will, therefore, be a burgeoning European agenda of matters to address and deal with not only this year but in the next few years as well. Before I turn to the agenda items, let me deal first with the challenges."