Single title

"The 'New Perspective' Spreads Its Wings!"

(in Indonesian language)

In 1994 the political televison talkshow "Perspektif" with the moderator Wimar Witoelar became a hit among viewers. However, the Suharto regime disliked the programe and banned it shortly after. Yet only one month after that "Perspektif" re-emerged again, this time on the radio and in newspapers. To this day a weekly radio program is being broadcast and reprinted in several Indonesian newspapers. Freedom of speech, a key to democracy, is guaranteed in 2005. This publication was supported by KAS and emphasizes the role of the "New Perspective" in building the Indonesian democracy. It contains the edited texts of the radio interviews with numerous representatives of Indonesian public life on current or basic political questions of Indonesian domestic politics.

Excerpts from the Contents:

  • M. Syafi’I Anwar (Executive Director, International Centre for Islam and Pluralism/ICIP): Pluralism is in danger

  • Teten Masduki (Indonesian Corruption Watch): The long way in the fight against corruption

  • Bivitri Susanti (Executive Director, Center for Indonesian Law and Policy Studies/PSHK): Society must participate in the legislative process

  • Refli Harun (Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia/MKRI): The Constitutional Court can determine the president's fate

  • Asvi Warman Adam (Indonesian Academy of the Sciences/LIPI): Historical Correction of the affair of 30th September 1965

  • Ati Nurbaiti (Jakarta Post, Head of the Alliance of Independent Journalists of Indonesia): The function of the free press is not being understood everywhere

  • Smita Notosusanto (Executive Director, Centre for Electoral Reform/CETRO): Despite successful elections Indonesia still is in the democratic transition phase