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Media Policy, Freedom of the Press and of Expression

Media Policy, Freedom of the Press and of Expression

Democratic states and free, independent media are mutually dependent


If it were up to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment in giving preference to the latter.

Thomas Jefferson, State Theorist and third President of the USA

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Democracy Needs Media Diversity and an Informed Society

The media’s condition and diversity are crucial for the quality of the democratic public sphere, since citizens’ level of information and public opinion are largely determined by the media. That is why it is all the more important to preserve freedom of the press and transparency of media structures, to enable journalists to enjoy fair and safe working conditions, to counter propaganda and corruption within the media, and to safeguard media diversity, pluralism of opinions and the free formation of opinion. That is why we are committed to this in Germany and throughout the world.


Political Opinions Are Increasingly Being Formed on the Internet

What was predicted a few years ago, has now already become a fact: Political opinions are increasingly being formed on the internet. That is why we have to ask ourselves: Have the traditional leading media lost their sovereignty of interpretation? It is now prevailing opinion that social media on the major platforms are a kind of gatekeeper and have largely taken over parts of the function of traditional media such as radio or the press.

Unfortunately, this transformation took place outside the standards of professionalism and ethics of journalism, since algorithms are increasingly determining the selection and placement of topics. This results in a danger that social relevance no longer determines whether an article is worthy for publication, but rather the greatest possible attention that can be achieved.


Digitally Induced Rise in Diversity of Opinion Has Not Only Positive Sides

Likewise, the boundaries between media users and media makers as well as between fact and opinion are becoming blurred. Each individual can send their message to the digital community and bypass mass media. In fact, this is a real plus for diversity of opinion and freedom of opinion...but at the same time, uncertainty about fake news and hate speech grows and the culture of debate is derailing more and more often.


Reliable Journalism Will Remain Essential for Democracies in the Future as Well

Reliable sources of information which you can trust and reporting on which you can base your opinion, are essential for democracy. It is therefore important to discuss how “journalism of the future” should look, be consumed and disseminated. The future viability and acceptance of public broadcasting plays an existential role here, too. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung accompanies these debates with expert discussions, studies and events.


Worldwide, We Promote Quality Journalism, Freedom of the Media and Press

In large parts of the world, freedom of the press and quality journalism are not a foregone conclusion. Rather, freedom of the media and media professionals need to be increasingly actively defended, across the globe and unfortunately also in Europe. The undermining of press freedom is both a symptom of and a contribution to the collapse of other democratic institutions and principles.

Against this backdrop, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung places special emphasis on the promotion of free and independent media as a basic prerequisite for citizens’ opinion formation in a democratic polity within the framework its worldwide democracy-building. In this context, it is particularly worth mentioning the work of our three media programmes that are committed to free and independent media in our project countries in various regions worldwide.

International Offices and Programmes

Through our three media programmes in Asia (based in Singapore), Sub-Saharan Africa (based in Johannesburg) and South-east Europe (based in Sofia), we advocate for the strengthening of independent and diverse media landscapes.

International Media Programme

Kameramann Tim Weber


The goal of our media programme is to support media in developing professional, journalistic standards, to assist young journalists on their professional path in the best possible way, and to advocate and promote the importance of media as an integral part of democratic and free societies.


Learn more about the Media Programme


Didactic-, Scholarship- and Career-Orientated Offers

For students as well as pupils, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung also makes specific scholarship and career-related offers with the Scholarship Programme for Young Journalists and the KAS Media Workshop. The DigitalAkademie’s pupils and teacher academies, however, impart important media skills to entire school classes including teachers, e.g., how to deal with the media content on the internet.

Journalism Scholarship

Journalistische Nachwuchsförderung Platzhalter-Bild KAS


The Scholarship Programme for Young Journalists (JONA) offers you practical, collaborative and multimedia training. Whether that be shooting videos, writing reports or producing podcasts, conducting interviews or creating data graphics – our journalism training helps you learn the journalistic craft while also conveying important skills on ethical or legal issues. In addition to non-material support, you will also receive financial support during the three-year training, which takes place alongside studies during the semester breaks.


Learn more about the Journalism Scholarship

KAS Media Workshop for Pupils

Innovativ, motiviert und am Puls der Zeit: Auf unseren Seminaren üben sich die Medienmacher von morgen!


Innovative, motivated and with their finger on the pulse: Tomorrow's media producers practice at our seminars!

Are you always interested in new things and don't want to spend your later working days just sitting at your desk? You’re a strong communicator and like talking to other people? Do you feel right at home digitally and is social media your thing? If you’re between 16 and 19 years old, then take a look at what our KAS Media Workshop has to offer!

We offer seminars where you learn about modern journalism that also moves outside classic channels. You want to pursue good journalism with the help of apps, smartphones or tablets? No problem: Our young, successful journalists show you how that can be done independently and without expensive recording equipment.


Learn more about what the KAS Media Workshop has to offer


DigitalAkademie Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung e. V.


With the offers of our DigitalAkademie, we want to impart pupils and teachers with skills in how to deal with digital media. The objective is to keep an overview of the digital world – no easy task. The content of our Pupil and Teacher Academies is correspondingly extensive. This ranges from digital self-organisation, foundational knowledge on rights and obligations online, extremism prevention, recognising and dealing with fake news, and the use of digital learning and teaching methods, right through to the digital orientation of the entire school.


Learn more about services offered by the DigitalAkademie


Selected Projects

The right to freedom of the press and of expression is an essential part of democracies and their societies. Unfortunately, this right has been continuously curtailed for years in many regions of the world, such as in Latin America. For this reason, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has created an information page on which we would like to give you an overview of the situation and set-backs in freedom of the press in Latin America.

Freedom of Expression and Press in Latin America

Demonstrators shout slogans against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's government during a demonstration to mark World Press Freedom Day in Managua Oswaldo Rivas


On our project page on the “freedom of expression and press in Latin America”, you will find comprehensive information on the current situation of freedom of the press and opinion in the states of Latin America. A focus is placed on the topics of “disinformation, “journalism under pressure”, as well as “shrinking spaces”.


Learn more about freedom of expression and press in Latin America


Prizes and Awards

Since 1980, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has been awarding the German Local Journalism Prize, and has long since become established as the most important media prize in Germany.

German Local Journalist Prize

Konrad Adenauer beim Zeitunglesen KAS


By awarding the German Local Journalist Prize, we nurture young journalists in special projects. The annual award honours newspapers and editorial offices that implement concepts in touch with the people, address difficult issues or act as an advocate for readers. In more than 40 years of its existence, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung has awarded more than 200 local editorial offices or local editors with the prize.


Learn more about the German Local Journalist Prize

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Facts and Findings
February 24, 2021
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Event Reports
June 22, 2021
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KAS/yellow too
April 7, 2020
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Publications to the topic

MrWissen2go online in Lörrach: Medien.Macht.Meinung
Mirko Drotschmann stellt sich in Lörrach online den Fragen von Jugendlichen zu Medien in der Demokratie
Policy Paper : Algerien im Kontext internationaler Organisationen
Palais des Nations Geneva II
Geneva Barometer
Developments among Geneva-based international organisations from October to December 2023
75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Map of the Month 12/2023
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On hybridisation, dialogue orientation and cultural and structural change: How can established parties adapt to the new realities of digitalisation?
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Isra 09. September 2023
ISRA News Articles of September 2023
What's happened in Thailand on the spheres of good governance and rule of law, public policies, and social and environmental issues.
الصحافة الإلكترونية في الجزائر KAS الجزائر
Enquête sur la presse électronique en Algérie
Réalisée par l’Association des Journalistes du Constantinois en partenariat avec Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Algérie
PSR Poll No. 89 Press Release 13 September 2023 Photo
Expert discussion: KAS-PSR discuss findings of Public Opinion Poll No. 89
30 years after Oslo Agreement, conditions worse than before
Isra 08. August 2023
ISRA News Articles of August 2023
Read News Articles of August 2023 from ISRA News Agency
Nguyens Kacheln
Wie Influencer zu Autoritäten werden
platzhalter04_rotNGGN DPM
Krieg als Realityshow
Die manipulative „Autorität“ der Lüge in russischen Staatsmedien
Multilateraler Dialog Genf, Genfer Grosswetterlage UN Photo / Jean-Marc Ferré
Geneva Barometer
Developments among Geneva-based international organisations from end-April to mid-July 2023
Urgent debate on Quran burning and key votes at 53rd UN Human Rights Council
Map of the Month 07/2023
DW Interview 06-2023
Hendrik Sittig: I had a very positive experience in Bulgaria
Der bulgarische Schriftsteller Georgi Gospodinov
Georgi Gospodinov:
Facts are sacred – that was once
(v. l. n. r.) Hendrik Sittig, Leiter des KAS-Medienprogramms Südosteuropa und die Recherche-Stipendiatinnen Irina Peter und Dr. Birgit Wetzel
Meeting of the research fellows of KAS Media Programme South East Europe in Sofia
Hendrik Sittig ARD Tagesschau, MPKAS
"The Russian propaganda is destructive. The goal is the destruction of the liberal societies."
E-book cover
Digital Plague: Disinformation and Fake News in Southeast Europe
New Study by the KAS Media Programme Southeast Europe
Studie Header
Wer glaubt die Desinformation? Die anderen!

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Events on the topic



Klare Kante!
Schülerseminar zum Umgang mit populistischen Parolen



Öffentlichkeitsarbeit: Der Ton macht die Musik
Schreiben für das Internet

Event Reports on the topic

Event Reports on the topic

Auftakt des Panels Christiane Stahr/KAS
Das Ukraine-Bild in den Medien – Öffentliches Interesse, Kommunikationsstrategien und Desinformation
Veranstaltungsbericht zum „Café Kyiv“-Panel
KAS Media Local Journalism Conference
Local Journalism Conference 2024
New Challenges for Local Journalism
Local Journalism Award 2024
© Jana Reimann-Grohs/KAS Jana Reimann-Grohs/KAS
Politische Praxis & gesellschaftlicher Wandel: Was kann Wissenschaft zur Transformation beitragen?
Zum Verhältnis von Politik, Gesellschaft und Wissenschaft
Group photo
The African Investigative Journalism Conference reaches its 19th year
KAS Media Africa Supports African Investigative Journalism
Family Photo
KAS Media Africa and the Graduate School of Media and Communications do it again!
Newsroom Managers Participate in “Managing Conflict in Today’s Newsroom” Course in Nairobi, Kenya
Reimagining African Journalism in the Age of AI
Africa Journalism and Media Summit 2023
Reimagining African Journalism in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Family Photo - Africa facts Summit, University of Mauritius
KAS Media Africa Supports Annual Africa Facts Summit at the University of Mauritius
African factcheckers congregate to discuss all things fact-checking
Die Zukunft des Journalismus: Finanzierung, Verantwortung und Vertrauen
Medienpolitisches Fachgespräch am 3. Juli 2023 in der Akademie der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
Drozdovsky (hochkant) 1 A (1)
Veranstaltungsbericht vom 04.07.: „Politische Gefangene in Belarus“
Am 04.07 lud die KAS zu einer Abendveranstaltung in Kooperation mit der belarusischen Gemeinschaft „Razam“ zu der Thematik „Politische Gefangene in Belarus" ein.
Why Journalism - Stroies from News Reporters in Africa, the Publication
KAS Media Africa Launches “Why Journalism – Stories from News Reporters in Africa”
14 journalists tell why they chose the profession despite all odds
KAS Media Africa Local Journalism Award Winners for 2022 Visit Local Newsrooms in Germany
Prizewinners show that local journalism is alive in Africa
Bonner Rede zur Demokratie 2023 Volker Lannert
„Bonner Rede zur Demokratie“ und das Ringen um Freiheit
Screenshot von Fake News im internet
Diskussion über Hate Speech und Fake News – Eine Stipendiatin erzählt vom Seminar
Wie umgehen mit der neuen Debattenkultur im Netz. Dieser Frage stellten sich 18 Teilnehmende eines Aufbauseminars
BM23-007 Media and Insurgency
KAS Media Africa Conference on Media and Insurgency Held on the Historical Island of Gorée, Dakar
Senior Media Practitioners Meet to Discuss the Position and Role of the Media in the Conversation about Insurgency
Schröm Wagner 2 E
„Vom Cum-Ex-Skandal zum Ex-Kanzler?“
Abendveranstaltung mit Oliver Schröm und Joerg Helge Wagner
Three African Local Journalists win KAS Media Africa Award for Local Journalism
Three African Local Journalists win KAS Media Africa Award for Local Journalism
The award winners expose grievances in Africa with their reportages
(v.l.n.r.) Alfred Schier, Phoenix-Moderator, Dr. Peter Hefele, Politikberater, Brüssel, und Johannes Winkel, Vorsitzender der Jungen Union Deutschlands, Berlin Martin Reuber
Stresstest für die liberalen Demokratien
Argumente gegen die totalitäre Versuchung
Referent Mirko Drotschmann Lenny Ziller
Journalismus im Real Life. Nicht digital – und schon gar nicht fake.
Family Photo, Aga Khan University, Nairobi
Newsroom Managers from Across the African Continent Meet to Share Experiences and Gain Insight


Media library

Media Dialogue Forum 6 Year 4
WATCH AGAIN: Facebook-live Recording "COP28 and the Way Forward"
Listen to a debrief on the issues discussed and agreements reached at COP28 in Dubai and their implication for Thailand going forward.
Media Dialogue Forum 5 Year 4
WATCH AGAIN: Facebook-live Recording "Thorny Issues ahead of COP28"
Hear from the experts and look ahead to the key issues facing the negotiation rounds at the COP28 in Dubai this year.
Media Dialogue Forum 4 Year 4
WATCH AGAIN: Facebook-live Recording "The Lessons Learned from PM2.5 and Rights to Clean Air"
Whether Thailand has learned this hard lesson and managed to address the true causes in order to come up with proportionate measures and policies.
Media Dialogue Forum 3 Year 4
WATCH AGAIN: Facebook-live Recording "Dam or No Dam? in the Country’s Natural World Heritage Sites"
The discussion and input from stakeholders on large water management development projects in Thailand's World Heritage sites and a serious challenge for the preservation.
Promoting Public Participation in the Democratic Process
Direct Talks with MPs Year 2 EP 7-14
The Democratic Youth Network sits down and discusses with Members of the Parliament about many agenda, legal provisions, and policies significant for the development of Thailand.
read now
Promoting Public Participation in the Democratic Process
Direct Talks with MPs Year 2 EP 1-6
The Democratic Youth Network sits down and discusses with Members of the Parliament about many agenda, legal provisions, and policies significant for the development of Thailand.
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Media Dialogue Forum 2 Year 4 by Bangkok Tribune News Agency
WATCH AGAIN: Facebook-live Recording on El Niño - From Global Warming to Global Boiling
Experts and stakeholders discussed on how Thailand should prepare to cope with the escalation and effects of the climate change in both short and long terms.
Media Dialogue Forum 1 Year 4 by Bangkok Tribune News Agency
WATCH AGAIN: Environmental Policies and Challenges in the New Politics
Explore the ideas for Thailand’s next possible moves on addressing environmental policies after the general election for the sustainable development in the country
Erststimme #73: Philipp Pohlmann
Cologne Pride
Wir sprechen mit Phillip Pohlmann, dem Landesvorsitzenden der LSU NRW über den Christopher Street Day im Jahr 2023 und die Arbeit der LSU in die CDU hinein und aus der CDU heraus.
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Cyberbezpieczeństwo: TikTok jest dużym zagrożeniem
Tym razem w podcaście do debaty Forum Dialog plus występuje przed mikrofonem Marcina Antosiewicza dr inż. Andrzej Kozak, ostrzegający nas przed cybernetycznymi zagrożeniami.
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