Single title

Legislative Performance of the Indonesian House of Representatives 2005

(in Indonesian language)

The Centre for Indonesian Law and Policy Studies (PSHK) has compiled a comprehensive analysis of the legislative work of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR-RI) under quantitative and qualitative aspects. It comprises both an evaluation of the parliamentary work in recent years and a prognosis on the legislative program in 2006.

Excerpts from the Contents:

  • Introduction

    • Legislation as representation of political and legal contexts

    • Remarks on the legiislative performance of the DPR-RI

  • Political and legal contexts

    • Internal political configuration of the DPR-RI in 2005

    • The relationshipp bewteen the DPR-RI and other institutions within the political system

    • The legislative process and the unfinished search for a suitable procedure

  • The national legislative agenda (PROLEGNAS) 2004-2009 and its implementation

    • Prolegnas 2004-2009 and the legislative priorities 2005

    • The dynamics of legislation 2004-2009%%
    • The implementation of Prolegnas 2004-2009

  • Substance and quality of legislative drafts

    • Passed legislation

    • Legislation and the participation of the society

    • Substance and technical quality of legislation

  • Summary and prognosis on the legislation in 2006